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Word of mouth may be the oldest form of marketing, but it is also the most effective. In its latest iteration, it is known as influencer marketing. 

It is not without good reason that brands still opt for it and at Poppy Seed Communication we believe in it too. Influencers have incredible fan following and popularity. If leveraged correctly, it can give your brand the leg up that it needs especially during the initial stages of establishing itself. Over the years we have tied up with various influencers from every niche imaginable.

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You Must’ve Heard Around That Influencer Marketing Is The New-Age Word Of Mouth. We’re Here To Prove It True. Influencers Are The True Brand Ambassadors In Our Increasingly Digital-Savvy World, And Thanks To Their Incredible Reach And Popularity, They Have Established Huge Credibility And Loyalty Amongst Millions Of Digital Audience Cohorts. Today, Thousands Of Brands Are Spending A Significant Portion Of Their Advertising Budgets On Getting Aboard Social Media Influencers For Brand, Campaign Or Product Promotion. Why Should You Be Left Behind? At Poppy Seed Communication, We Expertise In Strategic Influencer Collaborations For Brands Looking To Ride The Wave And Boost Their Brand Recall. Our Reach In The Influencer Community Extends To X+ Influencers From Various Niches – Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Tech, Corporate, Celebrity, Etc.


Looking for an influencer marketing agency to elevate your brand’s presence and reach? Our specialized influencer marketing agency is here to connect you with the right social media influencers who can authentically endorse your products or services. With our data-driven approach and extensive network of influencers, we can help you create impactful campaigns that resonate with your target audience, drive engagement, and ultimately boost your brand’s visibility and sales.

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Word of mouth may be the oldest form of marketing, but it is also the most effective. In its latest iteration, it is known as Influencer Marketing. 

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